IT service request registration

The IT service of the University of Latvia uses the service request registration and management system, which allows users to register various types of service requests by connecting to the system with the username and password assigned by the University. Work assignments, problem reports and IT system change requests are registered in the system.

Connecting to the IT service system and changing your system language

Open the system website. First, you need to log in. To do that, enter your username and password, and click the button "Pieslēgties" ("Log In") (see the image below).

After successful login, you will be directed to the main page.

The second thing you need to do is to change the system language. To do that, click the button "Mans konts" ("My account") (see the image below).

In the section "Valoda" ("Language") you can choose the preferred language and then click the button "Saglabāt" ("Save") (see the image below).

Please note! The language needs to be changed only once.

When the language is changed, click the button "Home" (see the image below).

Service request registration

1. To register a new service request in the system, click on the "IT pieteikumu reģistrs" ("Register of IT requests") (see the image below).

2. Click the button "New issue" (see the image below).

3. Fill in your request subject ("Subject") and description ("Description"), and then click the button "Create" (see the image below).

In case of successful creation of the service request, you will see a green pop-up message (see the image below) and receive a notification about the service request registration to your e-mail address.

After finishing work, it is necessary to sign out of the system for security reasons. To do that, click the "Sign out" button in the upper right corner (see the image below).